Hiking the Long Path Section 4 & 5

Hiking the Long Path section 4 and 5 was exhausting. Mainly because I was hungry and tired. Maybe you can say I was “hangry” and prayed there would be a spot for us to get something to eat. Glad to say, there was!

Long Path Section 4

We started our trail by parking at the Lakes Askoti and Skannatati parking lot and getting an Uber. We tried to order an Uber five minutes before getting to the spot but of course there was no service so confirming the ride couldn’t happen. After some frustration and circling with the car, we waited 20 minutes for our ride. He came and drove us to the end of section 3 parking at Snedekers Landing sign. Once out of the car, we crossed the street and walked the asphalt. It cuts across to the other side.

Once we reached the street we walked left until we had to cross over to the right side again where the trail started. Of course you’re hit with an uphill that gets your heart rate pumping. This is where we took a little break, drank our Gatorade and ate a few packs of gummies.

Half an hour later we were at the peek overlooking the town and Hudson. I was still hangry and took only a few pictures the  continued to descend down the hill. After you go back down, the path gets wider. It looks like an old carriage road and it is pretty smooth sailing. Half an hour later we were crossing the street into the South Mountain Park. The Long Path is right of the carriage path. You can take the longer path for a few minutes since the Long Path connects a short while in and again wares off to the right. We stayed on the Long Path which is harder and more narrow path.

By noon we were in town where we went to the gas station/Dunkin Donuts. Nihad went in and got us two “protein” shakes, two Gatorade, a water bottle and four doughnuts. We crossed the street, went towards the traffic, under the tunnel and into the woods to the right. This is where section five of the long path begins.

Hiking Section Five

Along the walk you’ll have a fence to your left and moving traffic to your right. By 12:30 we took our break, ate a doughnut each and drank our drinks. A half an hour later we were passing by our first car, going up the hill. A short walk up and you’ll see another deserted car deteriorating in the woods.

A short while after we passed by some structures that looked like cellars and then came into the Call Hollow Road cemetery. The history behind this place is sad and heartbreaking but I’m sure there’s plenty of similar stuff going on today.

By 3 we were at Flight 6231 monument. Three people lost their lives on this flight and some of the airplane remains stay by the monument.
Twenty minutes or so later we were crossing the street at Lake Welch drive. Another half hour or so and we were in the parking lot by our car and I couldn’t have been happier. Over 16 miles and barely any food in us, but we did it! Long Path section 4 & 5 are done!

Long Path Section 4 & 5 iPhone Video Clips

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