MAKA Earth Healing Salve

Maka Earth Healing Salve could not have come at a better time! After two days of physical hard work, our bodies were exhausted! Every muscle in the body was sore; back, shoulders, neck, the knees, oh, these poor knees! After taking a shower we couldn’t wait to try Maka Healing Salve. We sat down and didn’t know where to start first or who was going to get to try it first. Since Nihad was complaining about his right knee I decided to use it there first. After taking a small dab and massaging it on his knee, I heard “Wow! Instantly feels better!”


CBD Healing Balm

I firmly believe in CBD and praise its benefits. Not only does it work for me it works for pets, especially dogs. You don’t want your pet to be on medication that’s full of chemicals so CBD has been a great alternative. For myself, I don’t want to grab an Advil every time I’m in pain. I want a natural solution that won’t damage by liver and that’s what CBD provides.

When I opened the box and saw the Maka Earth Healing salve I said “Uh, a salve!” A salve is a fancy way of saying healing balm or healing ointment. I opened the 1oz container and took in the lovely fragrance. I love the smell and the olive green color. Maka Healing Salve is made of simple ingredients which include:

  • Lavender
  • Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Bees Wax
  • Turmeric
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cayenne Oil
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

I love that I know every single ingredient and that they are safe and simple. I don’t have to open a dictionary or Google some long chain keywords relating to processed chemical components. While the jar is only 1 oz it is potent and contains 1000mg of CBD. This means you will get the benefits faster using only a small amount.

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Using CBD Salve

Going back to Nihad’s knee, we used a small dab and massaged it in. It’s not too oily or greasy at all but smooth and absorbs into the skin nicely.

After massaging his knee, I tried the Maka Earth Healing Salve on my stiff shoulders and neck. He grabbed a small amount on his index finder and massaged it into my shoulders. Oh wow! You feel an instant tingling and soothing feeling. I felt relief! I can move my shoulders without hearing the cracking of bones and I could move them without wincing in pain. So, I grabbed a small pea size amount again and massaged it into his shoulders. The next half hour or so involved us going back and forth massaging the salve into different parts of the body.

I will definitely be taking this with us when we go hiking or bike riding. After 16 miles or so, my knees always start to act up and this balm will help make them move more with ease. Another thing I love about this product is that it will continue to work as it seeps into your skin. I woke up the next day able to move my shoulders and no back pain. After a long day and plenty of sore muscles I can use this to help relieve tension and discomfort.

It wasn’t too long ago when parents were trying to make CBD legal for their kids with seizures and other serious ailments. I’m truly grateful that their voices were heard along with other CBD believers and that we have access to CBD products now. If you’re a hiker, active, or have pain and discomfort in your muscles, I believe Maka Earth Healing Salve can help! As they say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

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