Using Our Shoe Traction at Neversink Gorge Trails

Using Our Shoe Traction at Neversink Gorge Trails

Before doing our last section of the Long Path we purchased some shoe traction. There were spots on the Long Path section 6 that were icy and very dangerous. If we had the ice and snow cleats we would have been more confident. After that we went looking for ice cleats and the options were overpriced and cheap. Since we wanted to do section seven the next day, we got them anyway.

Yaktrax Pro Winter Traction

We first went to Dick’s Sporting Goods store to look for snow traction. There were only a few boxes left and they were the wrong size or missing their pair. We purchased a paid of large Hillsound FreeSteps6 crampons for $50 and left. We then drove 35 minutes away to another store and paid $30 for the Yaktrax Pro. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use them on the Long Path sections, but we did try them in Middletown Park.

On Friday, we went to Neversink Gorge Trails to see the Mullet Falls. It was a beautiful warm day and the path was nicely packed by snow shoes and other hikers. Our shoe traction or snow cleats worked great on the snow and icy sections along the trail. While the snow does make it harder to walk the snow cleats helped. I wasn’t sinking into the packed snow and I felt more confident walking. Hopefully, they will last for the next few snowy hikes or at least until we finish the Long Path.

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