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Read our blog post on the Soothing Body Oil we have been trying out for the last 2 months.


“MAKA means the “Earth” in Lakota. It was important to us to create a company that honored the Earth by establishing eco-positive practices, holding product development and supply chain close-in, and offering a brand that takes gimmickry off the table.”

MAKA Products

Soothing Body Oil

Roll and massage, why not? Deliver soothing skin care and massage in moisturizing oils around sore muscles and joints. Roll on phytocannabinoid-rich, 200mg full spectrum CBD with essential oils, and beneficial jojoba and coconut oils. Relax, relieve, and roll it in.

Maka Soothing Body Oil

Calm Softgel Capsules

Calm 10mg CBD softgel capsules can be great way for you to ease yourself into better relaxation before bedtime or alleviate pain to a lower level.  Even though these capsules are 10mg CBD, maximize what your body can do to help calm your mind by adding beneficial cannabinoids in a 6:1 ratio.  We have formulated this unique product to bump up cannabinoids to a concentration that may deliver more calming and pain-relieving natural compounds.

Maka Calm Softgel Capsules

Daily Wellness Softgel Capsules – 20mg

Daily Wellness CBD softgel capsules can provide a more convenient way to get your CBD intake everyday.  Some people can’t bear the taste of natural CBD hemp extract oil, while others would prefer to take their CBD discreetly.  Our CBD capsules contain 20mg of pure full spectrum CBD oil and human food-grade fractionated coconut oil (MCT) as a carrier oil that allows your CBD to be bioavailable, absorbing quickly into your system. 

Daily Wellness Softgel Capsules - 20mg

Flex Softgel Capsules

Flex 15mg CBD softgel capsules allow for additional CBD dosing, depending upon your needs, or the unexpected pains, anxiety, or stress that catch you by surprise.  Everybody is different – age, size, metabolism, and health conditions. At MAKA, we want you to be able to adjust your Daily Wellness Capsules accordingly without the expense of buying large concentrations of CBD that are seldom used.

Flex Softgel Capsules

Topical Recovery Stick, 500mg/0.75oz

Topical Recovery Stick – 500mg

Typically, in a jar, but not ours. Topically speaking, we made it easy to apply and take it with you. MAKA’ s version of a real solid salve or balm, great for skin irritations and the go-to for work out recovery is conveniently packaged. Here’s to a non-messy, non-wasting solution to deliver pain-relief support to sore muscles and joints.

Topical Recovery Stick, 500mg/0.75oz

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