Tubing at Skinner's Falls Rocky Beach

Tubing at Skinner’s Falls Rocky Beach

Once we finally went to Skinner’s Falls rocky beach in Narrowsburg we knew we had to take family and friend here as well. It’s the perfect spot for basking in the sun, tubing on the rapids or swimming. This time we took a Lakota camp staff member, Luisa, with us. It was supposed to be a rainy day but it ended up being gorgeous. There was only one quick rain shower while we were tubing the third time down the Delaware River.

Things to Know

There are a few different spots in upstate NY where you can swim freely without paying a dime. Rocky Beach at Skinner’s Falls is one of them. Some things to know before you go include:

  • Have your own tubes and a way to inflate them
  • Bring life vests (there are free life vests by the parking lot)
  • There is usually a ranger at the station or walking by the beach
  • You can rent a tube for $6 from Lou’s Tubes
  • If you have a larger group you can rent a raft from Lander’s River Trips
  • You can come here for camping
  • It’s only about .3 miles from the parking to the rapids/rocky beach
  • After the rapids make sure to paddle your way to the beach so you can do it again
  • There are non-venomous water snakes in the water/area

Next year, plan out a trip to Skinner’s Falls rocky beach and enjoy free tubing. Be sure to wear your life vest at all times when you’re on the Delaware river. If you do not want to walk a lot, be sure to paddle your way to the beach as soon as possible. You’ll have to walk the rocky beach with your tube and do it all over again. You can also walk the forest path back to the parking lot and start your tubing from the beginning. If you don’t want to go tubing at Skinner’s Falls you can just relax at the beach and catch some sunshine or go swimming. Whatever you do just have fun and be safe.

Skinner\'s Falls Rocky Beach

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