Hiking Long Path Section 16

Hiking Long Path Section 16

While we are still not half way through, we are getting there and completed Long Path trail Section 16. This time we also had a ride waiting for us at Peekamoose, thanks to Andy Garrison on NYNJTC. We can’t wait to do the same for anyone else that needs a ride around us. When we got to the parking lot, there were a lot of different options. We ended up passing Andy’s car and decided to go back once we saw that no one was there. Thankfully, we arrived just on time, 8:30am, got in the car and started driving.

Along the way Andy told us more about the Long Path trail future plans and how it has changed so far since he completed it with his son in 2005. He even took the seasonal road and let us know that we would be passing through it. Once we got to the parking lot for section 16, we thanked him, crossed the road and started the journey.

Vernooy Kill State WaterFall

Three years ago we visited Vernooy Falls and didn’t even know it was part of the Long Path section 16. For some reason I remember the hill being so much worse and harder but today it wasn’t too bad at all. From the start after crossing the little bridge, you start going up a rocky and wet trail. The trail is a wide snowmobile trail until you get to the top and start the trail towards the waterfall. Once we reached the waterfall we took some pictures and wondered which path we needed to go on. We opened Avenza since we had no service and followed the old Catskill Park map trail from 2013. This let us know that the trail continued right of the waterfall (don’t cross the bridge) and follow the orange and blue trail.

The path shortly after trails off to the left, up a hill. Once we reached the top we followed the blue trail markings until someone opened their Avenza app and started panicking that we missed a turn. So, we head back the way we came, past the section where we came from and started walking aimlessly through the woods trying to reach the yellow trail that’s on the map. Then I said, what if this was the old trail and it’s been updated? Once again we stopped and went back to the trail we were on. We saw an old stone structure this time and wondered how we missed it the first time. After a little more climbing and walking through the trail you end up on the seasonal road that Andy drove us on.

Hiking Pictures from Long Path Trail Section 16

Coming down

We followed the blue trail into the woods. There were plenty of streams along the way and wet puddles in the road. Not one car passed by and it was perfect. The trail eventually goes from the seasonal road to a narrower path. Everything was great until we had to go down the steep Bangle Hill. My knees were not enjoying the steepness but Nihad was running along and hoping over rocks like it was nothing. Him and his bionic legs always put me in awe. We do the same miles, same path, but I know he holds back a lot for my sake. Once we reached the bottom, I signed us out and we finished the path to our car which was waiting for us across the street. Long Path section 16 was great, pretty easy and we hope to start 17 soon.

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