Hiking Panther Mountain Trail with Family

Hiking Panther Mountain Trail with Family

Today, we went on a short six mile hike in the Catskills. We drove for about an hour and 20 minutes, got lost, and had zero service. Thankfully, our family was on their way there as well. We spotted their car as they were zooming by us to the parking spot and followed them. After grabbing our bags, we started walking the Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain trail.

Catskill Mountain Views
Mountain Ledge Views

Hiking Trail Path

The Panther Mountain trail is a great little hike that is pretty wide in most places. It has a rocky terrain which makes it easier to climb. The hills were not too steep and the difficulty was moderate. When we heard that we are going to reach 3,700 feet in elevation we figured it would be a steep hill. Surprisingly, it wasn’t and I’m glad. We might have lost two people because they thought it was a difficult hike. Now that we know, we plan on doing it again during another season.

Wine and Trails

One thing is for sure, this area has a lot of trails and was busy by seven am. If you are planning on going to any of the hiking trails in this area, make sure to come early. This trail had a lot of people going up and down, during any section of the trail. If you are trying to pee in the bushes, make sure you have no one in the front or back of you.

Ledge View Rock
Panther Mountain Ledge

Catskill Mountain Views

Even though we live in the woods and are hike a lot around Wurtsboro, the Catskills are in another league of their own. The views from the ledges are breathtaking. You see hills and hills of mountains and lush greenery.

On the ledge, we also decided to have a little picnic. Let’s just say we never ate this much or this good on a hike before. The expert hikers that were with us brought dried meat sausage, organic and natural candy, dark chocolate, cheese, and wine! I had a glass of wine on the hike and it was delicious. Maybe every hike should have a nice meat and cheese picnic and a large glass of wine? New trend? We shall see.

Overall, the Giant Ledge and Panther Mountain trail was beautiful and worth the drive. We only saw frogs, all sort of frogs, and crows and hawks circling in the sky. After the hike, we drove to Ellenville and enjoyed some good food at Gaby’s Cafe.

hiking panther mountain trail with family 3

Photo Gallery of the beautiful views the Panther Mountain and the Giant Ledge trail have to offer, its worth the uphill climb and you get to hit elevation of 3750!

Family Hiking Pictures from Panther Mountain Trail

YouTube video from our hike at Panther Mountain

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