Bike riding from Woodridge to Hurleyville

Bike Riding from Woodridge to Hurleyville

Bike riding from Woodridge to Hurleyville is a bumpy one. We wanted to see if any more of the rail trail has been cleaned and paved. Short answer is, nope. Usually, we start the bike ride from Mountain Dale to Hurleyville but this time we started from Woodridge. We parked our car by the park and headed out through the trail. It was a Tuesday in the afternoon and people were out walking. Even with people walking, the trail was empty.

If you’re going to bike ride from Woodridge to Hurleyville you can go through the trail or bike ride on the street. I prefer the trail but if you don’t like rocky and bumpy trails with tree roots, stick to the street. After not being on the bike for so long, I was shocked at how well I did. My knees cooperated for the most part.

Once in Hurleyville, you are on a nice, paved and smooth ride! You can go for miles on paved roads but what’s the fun in that? The paved section ends at Denman Rd but the trail continues across the street. No one was on this path of the trail when we were riding. This road ends and comes to Old Monticello Rd. This is usually where we end out bike ride and turn around. This time we went across the street and into the remainder of the trail.

Exploring More Bike Trails in Hurleyville

The new section of the trail was magical. I wonder if people riding on those trains felt the same way. They probably didn’t see as many trees, they had open views but I’m sure it was still nice. This section of the trail was smoother, with gravel and dirt road. The end of this section of the trail was a field. The trail ends at Route 17, at exit 101 to Ferndale. We didn’t see a continuing trail on the other side or know how to cross over so we headed back around.

Overall, our bike ride was a little over 14 miles long and took us an hour and 35 minutes. The elevation gain was 324 feet. Bike riding from Woodridge to Hurleyville NY was fun on my affordable Schwinn Sidewinder mountain bike. While most people just come to bike ride and walk Hurleyville, Woodridge is nice as well. You can sit by the lake and enjoy the views or watch the Canadian geese.

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  1. Be sure to include the location relative to wheatfield or yountville, or something, so I know to where this interesting discussion refers. Still, my vocabulary is now improved… Woodridge to Hurleyville. Woodridge to Hurleyville. Woodridge to Hurleyville. Got it. Great looking trail, BTW.

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