Peakquest Hiking Challenge Scratch Offs

Have you heard of Peakquest? Well, if you’re a hiker and love a little challenge, you should have. The challenge scratch off cards idea were created by Lynne & Jennifer, two avid hikers. They wanted hikers to have a fun and unique way to track their hikes and another way to feel accomplished. What better way then to scratch off a mountain off your list? If you are a hiker or want to challenge yourself get a Peakquest hiking challenge scratch off card!

Hiking Challenge Cards

We’ve been hiking for 13 years together, most of our hikes being in the New York surrounding area. Since we have a fire tower close by we make sure to go to it often and enjoy the spectacular 360 views. One day we happened to look at the firetower hashtag and stumbled on Peakquest. They ended up sending us the Fire Tower Challenge Upstate New York scratch off and we went to work!

In two days we completed five of the Catskills fire towers which are about an hour to an hour and half away. The first time we left the challenge card at home and the second time we left it in the car. Needless to say, we didn’t scratch off any of the mountains. We are planning on doing them all over again in the the upcoming week or months. The Andirondacks are about 4 hours away and we have yet to conquer any of them, but soon. One day, very soon we will start.

Going back to Peakquest, you can go to their website and choose the challenge charge you want. There are a few different Peakquest Hiking Challenge cards you can choose from. Whether you live in NY or not, you can find a great challenge card to make you want to go outside and hike more!

Challenging Yourself

Peakquest is not the only place that creates challenge cards for hikers but it’s a great choice. Their cards are beautiful, vivid and come in a plastic bag. This way you can keep the scratch off card clean and from any water damage. I recommend that you place your card in your hiking backpack right away, otherwise you’ll be like us and forget it.

So, why are challenge cards important? We all love to challenge ourselves and prove that we can do something. When you buy a scratch off in a deli and win $5 after paying $2 for the card, you feel like a winner. It makes you excited and you go back and buy another card with the $3 that you won. When you scratch off a peak from the cards you feel accomplished and it makes you want to do it again! That excitement is so powerful it motivates you to challenge yourself and keep going.

If you keep telling yourself I want to go hiking but “this and that” is preventing me from going, get a Peakquest hiking challenge card. It will give you a purpose and when you think you can’t keep going up that mountain, just think of the card. Think of how good it will feel to scratch it off and finish the hike, one mountain conquered, a few more to go.

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