Cleaning Sullivan Catskills Trails One Bucket at a Time

During April, people are usually doing their part for the Earth by cleaning trash from roads, parks and neighborhoods. Do to COVID-19, people are staying indoors to help stop the spread of the virus. While indoors, they are doing their part by helping lower our air pollution and letting our beautiful Earth take a break and clear its atmosphere. Since we are lucky to live in Sullivan Catskills, away from people and civilization, we can drive down the road and step into a trail.

Today we went on a mission to do something productive and get some air. Glad to say, we did both while social distancing. We went to one of our favorite hikes which is close by and did a little cleaning. While Earth Day is around the corner, it shouldn’t be the only reason and time when we do our part.

cleaning sullivan catskills trails one bucket at a time 3

One bucket at a time

My hubby is the most creative person I know. He can easily make something out of nothing and comes up with solutions in a snap. Today was no exception. He used a Walmart 5 Gallon bucket and attached it to our hiking backpack. We added two black garbage bags inside and one clear one to hold all the garbage. We did not expect to find a lot of trash but boy, were we wrong! I guess when you keep your eyes open and out of the clouds, you spot things you didn’t before. For picking up the trash, I used a Dollar Tree extendable BBQ fork. So for around six dollars, you too can go out there and pick up trash. By the way, Dollar Tree does have buckets and reaching claw tool. So for two dollars you too can be set to pick up trash on your local trails.

What We Found on our Sullivan Catskills Trail

Honestly, I always thought that our trails are pretty clean but today has changed my mind. I did not think we would fill up a five gallon bucket but we did. Along the trail path we found:

  • Water bottles
  • Beer bottles
  • Camp T-Shirt
  • Socks
  • Hand Gloves/Mittens
  • Button
  • Candy Wrappers
  • Trix Package
  • Large Apple Juice Bottle
  • Two doggy bags with dog feces
cleaning sullivan catskills trails one bucket at a time 5
cleaning sullivan catskills trails one bucket at a time 4

These are just a few things that we found and only on a short 3 miles hike. I can only imagine how much trash we would find if we did the entire trail. Hope to continue cleaning the Catskills one bucket at a time, soon.

cleaning sullivan catskills trails one bucket at a time
cleaning sullivan catskills trails one bucket at a time 2

Some picture of the trash we found on this day. We will be back to get whatever we didn’t see and go further into the trails.

YouTube video from our day cleaning up the Sullivan Catskills trails and seeing a beautiful waterfall

Some more amazing pictures of this beautiful waterfall, we hope you like it!

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