Hiking After a Storm

I love the Neversink Gorge Trails. It’s close to our home and every time you notice something different. On Tuesday, hurricane Isaias came knocking with a lot of rain but our girls needed cat food. We went to Middletown Petco to get some Tiki Cat wet food and some sushi. When we came back home, the power was out. What do you do when the power goes out? You take a nap! And after the nap? You go for a hike. Hiking after a storm and a lot of rain calls for giant waterfalls and that’s exactly what we got.

Beware of Wasps

When we got to the Neversink Gorge trails parking lot, there was a new sign. It read that there was a wasps nest 100feet from High Falls. We paid no attention to it since we weren’t going to High Falls but Mullet Falls instead.

At the beginning of our hike, we noticed a lot of water in the road. We had our boots and didn’t mind it, until we got to the small bridge. It was covered by water! We decided to put some of the twigs that were washed there in one section and use it to cross over. When we got to the second part, we decided the best way to cross was to take off our boots and enjoy the cold water. The water felt so great on our feet and sort of rejuvenated me.

As we continued on the trail, I felt a pinch in my buttocks of all places. I screamed like a crazy person and brushed whatever was on my gluteus off. It was a wasp! I got a nice little red mark on my backside and was remarking about it the whole time. Well, that sign we saw should just say “beware of wasps.”

Mullet Falls Waterfall

Once we got to Mullet Falls the water was gushing! The mist alone soaked me from head to toe! The waterfall was just white with gushing water and it was spectacular. We didn’t get to eat our sushi there because it was impossible to find a dry spot. Instead, we walked back and had our sushi dinner on the small bridge.

As we were walking back another wasp was buzzing by me and I ran for dear life. You can bite me once, but twice? No, thank you! Once we got to the water in the crossing again we took off our boots and walked through it. This time we went all the way over barefoot and it was refreshing.

If you’re thinking about hiking after a storm make sure you wear the right shoes unless you don’t mind your feet getting wet. No one wants to hike with wet feet so bring good shoes instead!

Also, someone decided to put signs in plastic bags everywhere to tell people where to go and what trail is what. I’m not sure how I feel about this but I’m sure someone will take them all down.

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