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Hiking Bear Hill Nature Preserve

Today was the day that we discovered a new trail at Bear Hill Nature Preserve. If you are looking for a short, open trail with beautiful views, this is the spot. If you are going to Sam’s Point and it’s packed, come here instead. Please note that you need parking reservations on weekends and holidays starting from May 1st through October 31st for Sam’s Point. If you forget to do this, five minutes away from Sam’s Point parking lot is Bear Hill Preserve trail.

Once we parked our car we started walking the trail. At the trail entrance you have the option to make a donation for the trail. We decided to do this after the hike and let Nibbles Jr. do it. On the trail we went, and into the woods. On the sides you can see massive rock formations and the beautiful woods. A short distance in you have the option to walk the old trail or continue straight. Another hiker with his dog chose the old trail and we chose to head on straight. The climb straight on was a little more steep but it was nothing too difficult, dogs and children can do it.

At the sign, we made a left to check out the beautiful views on the Cliff Trail. Once at the cliff we could have stayed there forever. Nibbled Jr came out of the bag and enjoyed the views as well. After a lot of photos and videos and picking up 3 bottles, we headed back to the car. At the entrance Nibbled Jr gave him donations and we went on to another adventure.

Overall, Bear Hill Nature Preserve is a quick and easy trail with spectacular views of Sullivan County. In the distance you can also see the casino in Monticello. While we donated what we wanted, another couple entering the park signed a waiver and made their own donations. In some Google Reviews people mention that there is a required $7 fee to enter the privately maintained trail. The man at the station didn’t say or mention anything after we made the donation in the bucket.

Bear Hill Nature Preserve Hiking Video

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