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Hiking to Nevele Falls

Once upon a time, visitors used to enjoy the beautiful Nevele resort and hike a short distance to Nevele Falls. The incredible resort hotel opened in 1901 and offered everything possible to its abundant guests. From tennis courts and swimming pools, to golf courses and endless buffets, the resort was like The Plaza hotel of Ellenville, NY. Over the years, the hotel built additions and expanded into an unforgettable grand hotel.

In 2009, the resort closed its doors to the public and the numerous buildings fell into disrepair. Since the resort closed its doors, visitors slowly stopped visiting Nevele Falls. Then Honor’s Haven came in, took over the falls and added additional ventures for their guests. These additions included a trail to the waterfall and 120 steps to ChunSu Falls. In my opinion, this is a great spot for a wedding ceremony, as long as your guests and bride are fit and willing to climb some stairs.

Yesterday, we were hiking in the area and followed the noise of water. Before we knew it we were standing in front of the waterfall with other day hikers. While Nevele Falls is not grand, it’s still a beautiful and ascetically pleasing waterfall. The curvature of the rock formation makes the waterfall sway to the sides as it oozes into the pool of water beneath it. The crystal clear water wants to invite you in but, alas, you have another five miles back to your car.

If you are visiting Ellenville or the surrounding area, find the time to go to this waterfall. You can also book your stay at Honor’s Haven and enjoy the trail to the waterfall from the hotel. They also have some spectacular massage packages so check them out!

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