Exploring Walnut Mountain Park Trails

Exploring Walnut Mountain Park Trails

The sun was shining, the snow looked like it was melting so we went exploring Walnut Mountain Park. It was on the list of places where we haven’t been and we really needed some fresh air. We first stopped at Liberty Farm Plus and got a few rolls and a tub of spicy mayo sauce. I love that stuff! Spaghetti and broccoli with spicy mayo? Yes, please! Spicy mayo sauce on my baked potatoes? You bet! Anyway, when we got to Walnut Mountain Park I was expecting to see people in snow shoes or a foot of snow. Thankfully, we didn’t! Instead, we saw people in their snow boots walking down the mountain towards their cars.

Liberty NY Park

Walnut Mountain Park is located in Liberty NY, a very short drive from the farm market. We parked our car, got out and started walking. We took the Mountain Overlook trail which is only a 0.6 mile hike. There was already a path in the snow from other hikers and snowmobile so walking on snow wasn’t too bad. The overlook was beautiful and afterwords we were going to do the Sunset trail but I saw another one saying Mountain House. I got excited and thought we would see the actual house but there is nothing there. At least there was a picture on the tree which you can see how it looked like.

After that little disappointment, we walked down and went back up on the Sunset (SS) trail. This takes you around the mountain again and back to the overlook where we started. We then took the trail down from the overlook connecting to WL-S (Walnut Loop South). This took us back to the parking spot where our car was waiting for us. Since the sun was shining, the snow on the top of the mountain was melting and there were a few foot holes, ours and other hikers. I can see why snow shoes are a big deal.

Overall, I can’t wait to come back to Walnut Mountain Park with our bikes and to hike the entire trails. The blue trails look like they were the fun bike trails and/or harder hiking trails. The park also has a soccer and football field and a disc golf course! I’ve never played disc golf but that sounds fun!

Address: 73 Walnut Mountain Rd, Liberty, NY 12754

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: (845) 292-7690

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