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Hiking Long Path Section 15

While Long Path section 15 is mostly street, it was still a beautiful walk. We started the section by driving to the Post Office where we stopped last time but it wasn’t open. Since we didn’t know if it was okay to park there we drove around and checked the tile store, but they were closed as well. So, we drove back to Berme Road  and started section 15 of the Long Path from the start, again. I guess since we did that with all the other sections it only made sense.

Long Path trail section 15 starts off in the woods on the old O&W Rail Trail. We didn’t know that until the end, when we saw the wood sign on the tree. After the woods, you’re walking through someone’s yard and then back on the road. We crossed the bridge and enjoyed the open farm field. It was a beautiful day and you’ll see plenty of birds here including the American kestrel.

Hiking the Street

Once you cross the street, you walk down a bit by the bus waiting stations and make a left at Lundy Road. You follow this road until you hit Rogue Harbor Road and turn right. While you’re doing road walking, the scenery is beautiful! At Lundy Rd you’ll be walking next to Vernooy Kill and Lyon Creek. At Rogue Harbor Rd you’re in a forest with very few cars passing by along the way. You’ll also pass the Turner Cemetery, which you can’t see from the road. It’s very overgrown so we didn’t bother trying to go in and look for it.

As you go further in, you see more houses. All beautiful and large, with plenty of space in between them. You’ll see beautiful farm lands on Cherrytown Road and Upper Cherrytown Road. After 12 miles into your hike you’ll finally reach the park for long path trail section 16. We were completely shocked that it ended at this spot since we were here three years ago. The parking lot has completely changed and expanded. Now you can park well over 10 cars in here. After taking out pictures and eating a few handfuls of snacks, we headed back. Once we reached the end I was still short about 2.5 miles to reach 26 miles so we continued walking the trails after waving to our car. At the end of the trail we said that this was the old O&W rail trail and there is even a nice sitting area. We walked back to our car and since I was still short of my 26 miles goal. I started running up and down the street until I got 26.1 miles on my Apple watch.

Overall, Long Path trail section 15 was great and scenic. It wasn’t like the Middletown disaster with snow and heavy traffic. Instead, we got to see some farm animals, amazing landscapes and got to enjoy some much needed fresh air.

Long Path Trail Section 15 Hiking Picture Gallery

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