Hiking Long Path Section 9 and 10

So far hiking Long Path section 9 and 10 were the worse. Maybe that’s being too harsh so I’ll say that section ten is my least favorite. Why, you ask? Because it was all street walking. Put in cold, snow, and crazy drivers into the mix and you have yourself a mighty good time..or not.

Hiking Section Nine

Section 9 of the Long Path starts from the Heritage Trail parking lot on exit 130. This is a beautiful trail which we rode our bikes on a few times. In spring and summer it is packed with people, garden snakes and turtles. So finding a spot to tinkle can be challenging, or you just have to be fast.

We knew that it was going to be a day of street and asphalt walking and I still grabbed the wrong boots. We both did and we both complained the a lot about our feet. During Long Path section 9 you don’t have to worry about cars, until you cross the streets sections. Throughout the trail you’ll see some old remains of the train path and closed train station. The train station here closed in 2015, lasting 100 years! I’m disappointed we didn’t know about this station and could have experienced a ride before it closed.

By the time we got to the last part of section nine, it started to snow. There was a nice coating of snow but it didn’t stop people from walking and biking. The last section is recently completed, thanks to the new Lego Land. Not only that, section 10 continues into the trail now instead of walking around the street.

Section Ten of the LP

We were ecstatic to see that the trail was extended. Previously, you had to walk the whole street in order to get to the end of section ten. That new extension saved us from cars and crazy drivers and allowed me to tinkle before going back into the street. While the new trail continues on, the Long Path did not continue on it. Instead, we had to make a left and start our road walking.

When we were 16 miles into our hike, a guy was getting his mail and asked us where we were going. We let him know that his road was part of the Long Path and he was amazed. I’m still also amazed that you can go from NYC to Albany on foot and now I see the aqua/green sign from a mile away. Okay, not that far, but I notice it everywhere!

Walking on the street is brutal, especially if you don’t have the right footwear. We did not put on the right boots and our feet and socks were soaked for the remained of the last five miles. While the houses and area in general here is beautiful, a lot of cars did not move around us. Some even came as close to us as they could so they can splatter that mushy snow all over us.

In the end, I’m glad we did the 26 miles at once. It was a beautiful snowy day, we had the right layers and wrong boots, but Long Path section 9 and 10 are done. If you can do both sections at once, do them. You’ll feel great afterwords, having achieved walking a marathon!

Relive APP Video Edit of Long Path Section 9 & 10

iPhone Video Clips Edit of LP Section 9 & 10

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