Exploring the New Mamakating Fitness Trail

Exploring the New Mamakating Fitness Trail

The Mamakating Fitness Trail is open for business! While we’ve lived in Wurtsboro since 2013, we’ve only been to Mamakating Park a handful of times. Those times involved us playing tennis, me not being any good, and Nihad giving up on taking us there. In high school I tried out for the tennis team but that didn’t work out for me. I should have learned my lesson. Anyway, it was a beautiful day and we went for a little ride. We stopped at the park and went to the back, by the pool, to check out the new fitness trail at Mamakating park.

When you enter the trail, a little stream and large forest greet you. There are also 10 different fitness machines you can use and work out on. When we were there there was a woman with two kids utilizing the machines. Hopefully they tired the kids out and they will sleep better. We passed them and started walking the trail. Everywhere you look there was a red mark. The trail looks great for bikers and hikers, even though it’s not complete. There is a small stream that goes along the trail and you’re in a forest! It’s magical no matter what.

After circling around and getting lost a bit, we walked back to our car. We will definitely be coming back and exploring the Mamakating Fitness Trail more. Hopefully by then, the path will be cleared out and the trail marking completed. You can also come to the park to play basketball, soccer or tennis, or let your dogs enjoy the two separate dog parks. One section is for small breads and the other for larger dogs. They also have a pool but I’m sure due to Covid-19 it might not open this year.

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