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Hiking the Long Path Section 2 and 3

Hiking the Long Path Section 2 and 3 was exciting and exhausting. Section two of the Long Path is a little over 10 miles and section three is almost nine. We decided we can do both in one day and I’m glad we did. For this trip we made a few mistakes but one was with the parking. We parked our car in between the sections instead of at the end of section three. We didn’t realize this until we came out on the street and saw our car. In the end, we had to pay for another cab ride to take us to our car.

Starting Section Two

We started Section two of the Long Path from Tallman Park 41°00’55.6″N 73°54’48.5″W. The cab ride from our parking lot to the park was $20.12. The trail starts on a nice wide path with the Long Path trail coming on your left a short while in. This trail in the park was easy and beautiful, full of trees and a narrow path. On this trail you’ll also get to see the Tappan Zee Bridge, now known as the Mario Cuomo Bridge. The further you go in the more views you’ll get to enjoy of the bridge.

After 40 minutes of hiking through the woods you’re in the middle of the small town. The trail continues in between two homes, one with a beautiful painted forest on it. Once you reach the top, you’ll see an entrance that goes back to the trail. This takes you back out to the road where you walk up and turn left. This is where you’re walking the street a little in a nice quiet neighborhood. Before you know it you’re by a cemetery and have to walk up the asphalt road. At the top awaits another cemetery and the trail entrance. This is where I tripped and fell flat on my hands.

After an hour we were crossing the road into Tachamack Park. The parking lot here was pretty full but only saw two other hikers on the trail. The Long Path continues between gorgeous homes across the street. After two hours of going up and down the trails we were finally in town. We went to the gas station and got some drinks and then walked up to McDonald’s. It felt like forever when we finally received our order. We took our trekking pole picture by the Rockland Brink’s Robbery sign and continues the trail.

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Section 3 of the Long Path

Oh, how I dreaded section three. After crossing the short bridge and following the trail sign up the road, you’re back in the woods. Not only that, you’re in another cemetery overlooking the water and bridge. We ate our snacks here and continued with the trail.

The trail here is a mixture of narrow paths, rocks, and dirt roads. While there is only about 100 feet in elevation that you go up, they happen often. You’re going up and down small hills, going up and down rocks and cursing at yourself when you see yet another hill. By mile 15 my knee was acting out, my energy was down and I wanted to sit and cry. Having Nihad by my side helped me keep pushing myself. When I see him speeding off like it’s nothing, I get mad and want to do the same. I squeeze those glutes, stand up taller and it really gives you that little push your body needs.

By the time we passed the Knickerbocker Ice Company sign I was ready to finish the trail. It was starting to get darker and colder and we only had a little more to go. So I tell myself. An hour or so later, we were done and waiting for the Uber.

Long Path section 2 and 3 are beautiful and have plenty of incredible and distracting views. While the 3rd section is 8.85 miles long and has a bunch of ups and downs, it might not have been so bad if this was all we did. The first ten miles did make the trail more difficult but I’m glad we did both in the same day. Section 2 and 3 are done.

Hiking Long Path Trail Section 3 Photo Gallery

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