Hiking High Falls, Denton Falls and Mullet Falls in Rock Hill NY

Hiking High Falls, Denton Falls and Mullet Falls in Rock Hill NY

We love to hike early and find new trails. We also like to visit our local waterfall in Rock Hill NY as often as we can. Yesterday we decided to go hike the trail but to go all the way until the end. The first time we hiked here we didn’t find the waterfall. We kept going on the blue trail until the end which gets you to the yellow trail to High Falls. This time, after getting to the end of the trail, we decided to go further on the unmarked trail.

Rock Hill NY old trails
Overgrown Trail

Off Trail Hiking

Off trail hiking or bushwhacking can be fun and exciting but also scary. When we reached High Falls at the Neversink River in Rock Hill NY, we continued on the path a little further down and took the left path up the hill. The path is overgrown and bushy but had candy wrappers which means someone was there recently. Once we got up the hill, we came out to another open and wider trail. We could go left or right and decided to go right this time.

The wide path took us to an open field with rocks. It was recently dug out and a newer ladder stand was added for hunting. A few feet away from the ladder stand was bear scat. This was the second scat we found in the area which tells us that there are bears in the area. We didn’t see anything other than birds, deer and dog ticks.

We continued back on the wide trail and came upon someone’s home. After passing the home, we checked the Avenza app to see where the old trail was. We ended up turning around and taking the path by the home (not by the shed). This trail was used back in the days and even leads to a picnic area with a trashcan full of trash. During most of the trail, we had to watch out where we were going and what we were stepping on. On some spots we decided to just run through it and get it over with. We didn’t have a knife or ax to bushwhack our way through the trail but it eventually came back to the right place, by the Mullet Brook trail to the waterfall.

Mullet Falls Rock Hill NY
Mullet Falls

Off Trail Hiking Overview

After coming back to the right trail, we enjoyed a little picnic by the bridge. Then we turned back around and went to see the waterfall. It wasn’t gushing as it does in the winter but it was still beautiful and worth the hike.

After seeing the waterfall we went back on the blue trail and headed towards the parking. We ended up taking a little off-the-trail path to the Neversink and enjoyed 30 minutes in the water. The water was so cold and refreshing but felt great on the feet. After our nice little break, we went back up to the trail and back home. Overall, this trail was beautiful and offtrail hiking wasn’t too bad. We got to enjoy Mountain laurel, saw something new, walked on history, and cooled off in the Neversink.

One thing we didn’t like were the dog ticks. We each had multiple dog ticks on us throughout the bushwhacking path. If you are in Rock Hill NY or nearby, I recommend that you check out the High Falls, Denton Falls and Mullet Falls trail. You don’t have to do off trailing like we did but it was nice to explore.

The trail had some uphills and downhills, rocky terrain, gravel and grass. Your legs will get a nice workout but don’t expect a lot of views.

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