Minnewaska Waterfall Wednesday Hike

Minnewaska Waterfall Wednesday Hike

Today we decided to go to Minnewaska for waterfall Wednesday. We need a lot more miles to finish our 101 miles challenge for NYNJTC and this spot is a great place to do to add on to them. After leaving the house we stopped at Walmart to purchase a portable power bank because the three that we have were nowhere to be found. And I guess you can never have too many portable power banks. Ha! We spent more time at Walmart waiting for someone to come and help then we did in the car driving there but let’s not complain about that.

The next stop was the free parking spot near the Minnewaska State Park entrance. We got out of the car, started Strava and went on our way on the Wawarsink Turnpike pink trail. There is another trail to the left, also a pink trail and the SRT trail to the right.  We went straight, past the rocks, across the stream. The first mile is an uphill but it’s a wider path and a steady incline. After reaching the top of the hill you’re back on the street for a short few feet and then back on the trail into the woods to your left. Across the street is another trail going to the park entrance. 

Hiking in the Fall

The best part of hiking in the fall is the foliage. Another benefit is that it’s cooler so you’re sweating less and fewer bugs. On this SRT trail section into High Peter’s Kill trail you’ll see plenty of foliage and mountain views. The trail is pretty easy and eventually takes you downhill only to go back up.

As we were going up hill on the Bull Wheel trail we heard a little tree branch breaking. We looked to our right and one bear was going down the skinny tree. It was so fast that I didn’t even bother taking out my phone to record it. Then another bear went down followed by a third and I regretted not capturing the moment. I captured it with me eyes and heart so it was special and the spot will forever be remembered.

After that, up and up we went until we reached the top. You get to the top only to go back down and connect to the trail that takes you to Peter’s Kill parking area. People also come here to rock climb during winter.

Once you walk through the parking lot and cross the stress, you’re back on the trail. This trail takes you to the AWC (Awosting Falls Connector) trail which goes to the main waterfall. This is probably the main attraction at the park. After the Minnewaska waterfall Wednesday hike, we walked up the hill, past the parking lot, crossed the street and went back on the trail we came from. A mile back down the hill and we were back to our car.

Overall, Minnewaska waterfall Wednesday did not disappoint. The views were spectacular, the air was fresh, the sky was grey with peaks of blue and sunshine made an appearance or two, as well. 

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  1. Seeing a waterfall peeping through the rocks, was absolutely gorgeous! I saw that stunning scenery in TN. So I can imagine the beauty of these Wednesday’s Hikes. Fall is still my favorite season of beautiful colors!

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