HBTrails TRAIL-A-THON: 100 MILES FOR 100 YEARS Fundraiser

HBTrails TRAIL-A-THON: 100 MILES FOR 100 YEARS Fundraiser

If you’ve ever been on a NY-NJ trail, you should join the cause and support the Trail Conference. This is the organization that cleans, manages and protects our beloved trails. Without them, those trees would stay down, trash would accumulate everywhere, and there won’t be any signs showcasing the history of the trail. If you want to join the cause, join our HBTrails Trail-a-thon and help us reach our goal!

HBTrails TRAIL-A-THON: 100 MILES FOR 100 YEARS Fundraiser

Strava Hikes for this Fundraiser

Donating to Trails

It takes a village plus more to create, complete and manage our trails. These trails are used for walking, running, and biking daily, by locals and those in search of a new adventure. Personally, I’m always amazed at how well kept trails are, even with such heavy foot and bike traffic.

What can we do to help keep our trails open, safe and clean? We can do a few things such as:

  • Donating to the cause
  • Volunteering your time and skills
  • Spreading the word/Sharing the link
  • Enjoy the trails and leave no trace behind!

If you want to help support the Trail Conference volunteers and advocates, you have many great options. For their fundraiser you can donate to help make the trails even better, create more trails and to ensure the trails for the future generations.

You can also join HBTrails Trail-a-Thon team and do your miles! At the end of the challenge, which is October 31st, you’ll receive a Protect the Land You Love sticker! No matter how many miles you do, you’ll still come out a winner!

This year we completed our own little triathlon by going hiking, biking and kayaking in one day. I think we can do another challenge and complete our 100 miles goal in no time, or at least in the last two days. Ha! Let’s hope not!

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