Appalachian trail in NY

Is the Appalachian Trail on Your List?

When we first started our journey to complete the Long Path, we talked about other trails that we can do next, like the Appalachian Trail. We stepped a little through the AT trail in Harriman and have seen the sign for it on other trails. Once I did some research I realized that it was not possible for us to do, at this time. Maybe in a few more years, if we are able bodied, we will attempt to thru hike it. Fingers crossed! Right now, we are content watching other people share their journey.

One particular couple, Katie and Andrew, have started their journey on the AT this February. After two years of planning it out and saving for the journey, they are doing it! They were working in the health care industry as lab technicians, and were burned out. They want to reconnect with nature and see where the AT will leave them. Will they want to go back to city life or continue their lives searching for more outdoor adventure? We will have to wait to find out.

Every week I look forward to their shared journey and YouTube videos. They each take turns recording the trail, answer questions, point at weird trees, and act quirky, like we all do when we’re free and in nature. Katie has some good beatbox beats while Andrew spits some cool lyrics. The perfect duo! Every new video they share we comment on how I’m more like Andrew and Nihad is like Katie. She also does a better job at video recording. Just saying.

It’s Never Too Late

A lot of us think that hiking is just for the young or young at heart. Some people decide to retire and start hiking since they have nothing else to do. We’ve met a few of these couples before and I am glad that they finally get to see and experience nature. It’s never too late to connect with it or start something new. In July of 2016 twin 80 year old sisters completed the Appalachian Trail. It took them 14 years to do it, but they did it! On some days they walked 17 miles, while other days it would take them an hour to do one mile. They experiences broken bones, falls, and even a lost hiker, but they accomplished what they set to do while in their 60s. They got their hiking-bug in their later years but managed to complete the 900 miles of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1998. This inspired them to start their AT journey.

Neva ‘Chipmunk’ Warren was 15 when she completed the 2,190 miles on the AT. Warren Doyle, who is 72, walked the AT eighteen times! He has also helped other hikers complete the journey. So, if you’re sitting and scrolling, and thinking how you didn’t accomplish any of the trails yet, stop that! Everyone’s journey is different and your time to shine and take on the mountains will come! You will make time for yourself, your peace of mind, and embrace the trails that wait for your happy feet.

If you want to learn more about Katie and Andrew’s AT journey, check out their YouTube channel. Here is their latest video.

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  1. I’d love to give this trail a try. It’s such a beautiful part of the country and could be very enjoyable. Thanks.

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