Kayaking Cornwall On Hudson with Family

We have family that lives in New Windsor and they are very close to the Hudson River. For Father’s Day they wanted to go kayaking Cornwall on Hudson and asked us if we wanted to join. Any opportunity to use our kayaks is a good one and well received.


New Windsor Kayak Launch

We started our journey at the New Windsor kayak launch. This place was right off the road, under the small red bridge. The parking was great and very convenient. Our cars were the only ones there, even when we came back after our kayak ride.

Since we didn’t have a lot of rain recently, there were a few spots towards the Moodna Creek that were very shallow. We got out on those spots and walked with the kayak. The area after the red bridge/kayak launch was more open and wide. You still had to watch out for shallow spots but we didn’t have to walk it. After the second little train track bridge, you are welcomed to Cornwall-on-Hudson and open water.

The water was shallow but warm! We were able to get out of the kayaks and enjoy our own private beach in the middle of the water. The experience was a bit scary because of the waves from boats and jet skis. We ended up needing to flip our kayaks over twice to get the water out. The other two kayaks were good and had no water issues.

Cornwall on Hudson Views

Hudson River Kayaking

When you enter the Hudson, you’re surrounded by water and greenery. You can also see the Bannerman Castle peeking through the trees. We didn’t go kayaking towards the castle since you need to reserve and pay to do the tour. The overall trip was short but worth it. Some of us dipped in the water and we all got a little workout paddling. I am loving my new toned and tanner arms.

I am excited to do this again and explore more into the Hudson river. Hopefully we will be more prepared for the waves next time and get a spray skirt to prevent water from getting in.

Hudson Valley Gallery from our Kayak Adventure

Video from our adventures on the Hudson River

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