Hiking Mullet Loop Trail With Family

Hiking Mullet Loop Trail With Family

During these strange times, it’s hard to know when or if you should go hiking with family. We have been staying away from our family for two months. When we do see them, it’s from six feet apart and only for a few minutes. We have four essential workers in our families and they get tested regularly. Each time they are negative. They were also negative for the immune response test. For Labor day weekend we all decided we will go for a hike. We chose the Mullet Loop trail for them since it’s close by and pretty easy. Both of our moms did it without any issues.

Mullet water falls NY
Waterfall Rock Hill NY

The Blue Trail

When you park your car at the lot, you go down a rocky hill. Then you’re in the woods and back another rocky hill. At the intersection, we took the trail straight to the Neversink River. They enjoyed the views and were not moving. We had to let them know this was just the beginning and we have a ways to go. After the water views, we went back on the trail, over the little bridge and back up the path.

We took the blue trail until we got to the other bridge. After the second long bridge you will see a trail to the right that takes you back to the Neversink River. Don’t take this trail. Instead, take the red trail to your left that goes to the yellow trail which takes you to the waterfall. Even though we didn’t have a lot of rain, the waterfall was still active and beautiful. They took plenty of pictures and all sat down. I had to ask them a few times if they were ready to leave

After the waterfall we decided for them that we will give them a challenge and do the Mullet Loop trail instead of going back on the blue trail. This trail is marked red and has a pretty good uphill or two or three. =) Along the trail down, we saw a few more hikers. Most of them wore their masks and had small children with them. If those kids can do it, so can our family! They did, but were exhausted. When we came in the morning the parking lot was empty and when we were leaving the lot was packed and at least 20 cars were lined up down the road. Thanks to All Trails app this trail has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

Family hikers
Hiking with Family

After Hike Walk

After our little five mile hike, we took them to Wurtsboro D&H Canal trail. This was empty! Not another person or car anywhere on the three different paths, besides our two cars. We only did about a mile in and a mile back but it was enough. They were hungry and ready for their naps. We were hoping to get a gyro from Wurtsboro Diner but it was Monday, the day that the diner is closed! Breaking the news to them was hard since we pumped them up for gyros. We ended up driving to Yanni’s Gyro Express, their second location and we all got our gyros. This was a great way to end our day and go our separate ways.

If you are looking for a good trail that will give you a little sweat and a little bit of everything, incline, decline, rocky, straight, smooth, water and forest, the Mullet Loop trail is great options. For an easy walk or stroll, try any of the D&H canal trails.

D & H Canal
D&H Canal in Wurtsboro NY
geese at canal Wurtsboro NY
Geese at D&H Canal

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