raymondskill falls to hackers falls

Hiking Raymondskill Falls to Hackers Falls

We have never hiked from Raymondskill Falls to Hackers Falls before, and are so glad we finally did. Over the past few years we’ve visited Raymondskill Falls in Milford Pennsylvania a few times. Each time we would see the incredible waterfall and walk the trail to the water and back to our car. A few times, after seeing the waterfall, we would drive to Pittman Orchard McDade trail and walk it to the woods and back. We even went here once just to bike the trail with our friend Bekim.

New Waterfall in PA

If you are ever in Milford, PA, we recommend that you go and check out Raymonskill falls to Hackers Falls. It’s a beautiful and easy trail that will give your mind and soul some content. To get to Hackers Falls, you will cross the street from the Raymonskill Falls parking lot and enter the trail. A few years ago the trail was closed due to a severe storm so we never explored it. A little ways into the trail you have the option to continue on the yellow trail to the falls or turn right and across the bridge. This path will take you to the Cliff Trail which overlooks the area. You can see the McDade trail and surrounding area from the cliff. We chose to follow the yellow trail to Hackers Falls this time.

Along the trail you will find other paths and trails but no markings. The trail to the Hackers falls was very open and easy and only 1.4 miles long. Since the path is wide, you can have plenty of space between you and your fellow hikers. We were the only hikers on this trail until we were ready to go back. Another couple came, saw the waterfall and left. We stayed and took more pictures and explored around the area. There are a few stairs next to the massive wall which made me think there was a house here or some kind of structure. I wasn’t able to find anything online though so can’t say what it was. After all the pictures, videos and admiration, we walked back the 1.4 miles to our car. We truly enjoyed the short hike from Raymondskill Falls to Hackers Falls and can’t wait to come back. Next time we come we hope to do the Hackers Falls and Cliff Trail Loop. Perhaps even the Conashaugh View Trail. The options around here are vast and there is something for everyone!

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