Cleaning Bashakill for Earth Day 2020
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Cleaning Bashakill for Earth Day 2020

Did you know that Earth Day is on April 22nd? I do because it’s also my birthday. Every year we try to do something special like clean around the house, plant trees and pick up trash on the trails. This year due to Covid-19, a lot of volunteers are staying home and Earth Day cleanup is on hold. We are trying to do our part by cleaning some of our favorite trails. Today, we went to Bashakill Wildlife Management Area and were pleasantly surprised. There was not a lot of trash on the path we took. Then again, most of it is sitting at the bottom of the marsh.

cleaning bashakill for earth day 2020 5
Geese in the Bashakill Marsh

What is Basha Kill?

Bashakill or Basha Kill is a marsh land that’s perfect for kayaking and walking. You get to enjoy nature and experience wildlife in their natural habitat. Here you will see a variety of birds, insects and other animals such as deer, beavers, turtles and water snakes. This large marsh was formed naturally and was once used by farmers but was bought in the 70s by the state and turned into a wetland for breeding wood duck and back duck. Today, it’s a place for nature and bird lovers. You can see plenty of birds including eagles, finches, cow birds, and re-winged blackbirds. You’ll also find various vegetation and trees.

cleaning bashakill for earth day 2020 4
Red-Winged Blackbird

What We Found

We strapped on our bucket, (well, hubby did) and went for a walk. We parked our car across from the Bashakill Vineyard and took the left path (if you’re staring up at the vineyard). The below are the items we found:

  • Beer can
  • Old glove
  • Candy wrapper
  • Balloon

I absolutely hate finding balloons. It makes me sad and annoyed. If you’re a person that loves to “release balloons for people in heaven” please stop. That balloon is not getting anywhere near heaven, just an FYI. It lands in water (rivers, oceans, swamps, you name it) and trees. If you want to do something special, plant a tree, make a bench, donate to a charity, anything but releasing balloons in the air!

Balloon in water
Balloon in the marsh, my worst enemy
Glass beer bottle in bashakill
Bud Light glass bottle in the Bashakill

Anyway, when we went to the parking lot, we looked around and found glass beer bottles and plastic bottles around the brushes. Since we had no kayaks or waders or even fishing boots, we couldn’t reach them. There was also plenty of fishing line and floats stuck in the bushes as well. If we had a kayak and the right tools, we would have came back from the marsh with bags and bags of trash.

So if you are in Wurtsboro NY or visiting the Basha Kill wildlife area, please make sure to keep it clean. Don’t liter or wait for Earth Day to do something about the trash on your trails.

cleaning bashakill for earth day 2020 3
cleaning bashakill for earth day 2020
A private waterfall that you can see from the road, a little ways after the Bashakill vineyard

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