I am glad we chose to live by Wurtsboro NY. It has a great history and plenty of trails to enjoy and hike. They recently cleared up the trail by the O’Toole’s Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealership as well. You can now easily do a large loop.

Wurtsboro NY Trails

D&H Canal– You can walk through the Delaware and Hudson canal, enjoy the scenery and nature. It’s so peaceful through this trail and there are usually not a lot of people. Due to COVID-19 the trails became packed and are temporarily closed.

D & H Canal by Summitville– This trail is also beautiful and by the water. You can jump up on two different train trails.

Upper and lower train trails– Wurtboro NY was a mining town. The coal was mostly sent to NYC. You will also find the different mines on the trail and tunnels. The upper train trail has a number of small waterfalls and beautiful views.

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Food in Wurtsboro NY

Diner- The Wurtsboro Diner is a great spot for breakfast or lunch. We have a little tradition when we do a trail here, we stop by the diner and get a gyro with fries. You have to get the calories back that you lost walking, right?

Ming Moon- Another food option in Wurtsboro NY is the Ming Moon restaurant. The food is always fresh and delicious.

Gotta Luv It- If you love pizza and sandwiches, then check out this place. The food and prices are great.

Bashakill Vineyards– If you love wine, you have to check out this vineyard. The Bashakill trails are right across from the vineyard! After your walk, enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset.

Things You’ll See in Wurtsboro

On the trails you’ll see a lot of birds. From red cardinals to cow birds to blue jays and hawks and everything in between. If you’re lucky you’ll even see an eagle, beavers and other animals and critters. Another thing you’ll see on your trails are the remains of the old train tracks. Ah, the lost history. If those tracks could only talks and the things they would say…

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We barely see chipmunks around our house anymore, thanks to our TNR cats 😸