Drive Thru Light Shows NY

Holiday Light Spectacular at the Orange County Fairgrounds Drive Thru 2020

Have you been to the drive thru lights show at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Middletown NY? We finally got out tires changed and were able to go to the Holiday Light Spectacular. We decided to do two in one night, the Orange County Fair’s lights and Watt. I’m very glad we did because one was not enough.

Drive Thru Light Shows NY

Drive Through Light Show in Middletown NY

Last year we went to Watt Christmas Wonderland and we loved it. We couldn’t wait to go again. This year with Covid-19 lurking all around us, a drive through holiday show seems like the safest thing to do. The first show of this year that we went to see was Bethel Woods. The lights were placed on a one mile stretch of land, surrounded by woods and nature. While it wasn’t packed with lights, it was still a beautiful ride.

Tonight we went to Orange County Fairgrounds for their Holiday Light Spectacular drive through show. We got there a few minutes before five and there were already a few cars in front of us waiting. We purchased our ticket online so we saved five dollars. Instead of paying $30 for the show it was $25, and that was way too much.

Overview of the Holiday Lights

The holiday lights show at Orange County Fairgrounds was not the most spectacular thing I’ve seen but it’s still cute. You start at the beginning, looking to your left and right at the holiday lights. A short way through you see the first food truck, which you can pull by and order what you want. Another short drive after that, cars stop to look at the lights show to the left. This is just to buy you some more time. We ended up pulling over at the second food station and got zeppelins and fried Oreo. Another $15 dollars down the drain but YOLO.

After this we lost the cars in front of us and ended up stopping by a garage door. There was a sign that said STOP HERE but it was to the left so we made a left and did a little circle back to the same spot. The workers came and told us that we had to wait 5 minutes for the lights show.

After more than five minutes the door opened and the line of cars behind us followed us in. Inside a woman was pulling a cart with drinks such as hot chocolate and my hubby got very excited. He thought we were getting it for free to enjoy with the show. Nope, they were four dollars a cup.

As for the “lights show” it was a short cartoon movie, mostly Mickey Mouse and friends, and Santa. If I was five I would have been jumping out of my seat. Well, I was but only to get a better view. The tarp they used for the projector was not even placed evenly across. Some of the cars also kept turning on their car lights. Needless to say, the driver in my car couldn’t wait to leave.

Holiday Lights Show

The Holiday Light Spectacular at Orange County Fairgrounds was not that special. It felt overpriced but it is the location of the carnival and we all know how pricey those are these days. They really could have done more, put up more lights or inflatables, to stuff the empty spots. The overview of the show:

  • $30 a car at entrance or $25 online
  • Food options to pull into as you drive
  • Projection lights show in closed garage with turned on cars
  • Snacks available
  • $40 for a gingerbread kit, $10 for a lights necklace (Have the same one from Dollar Tree)

This show has a lot of potential to be great but it’s not there yet. One thing to note is that they switch up the movie they show on the projector.

Please note that the holiday lights show in Orange County Fairgrounds will be closed from December 14-16. It will be open daily from December 17th until January 3rd. I am hoping to see some extra stuff and updates on their Facebook show that will make me want to go again. If they offer the show for $5 the last week, I might go.

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  1. I used to drive OTR and would find myself in different parts of the country every winter and it was always great to see when a city made an effort by going all out at a park with a light display.

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