Bike Riding at Mountain Dale NY Rails to Trails with Family

Bike Riding at Mountain Dale NY Rails to Trails with Family

On a nice sunny beautiful day back in July 21st of 2018, my mother and brother came up for the weekend for my moms birthday. We decided to go on a biking adventure at the Mountain Dale NY Rails to Trails. My girl, brother and I all had mountain bikes, my mom didn’t have one. Luckily Cinder Bicycles in Mountain Dale NY rents bikes and its really affordable, I don’t remember the amount at this point but it was worth every penny seeing the excitement on my moms face.

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Below is the stats from our Strava profile, we did about 8 miles in an hour. This trail you can do really fast. You can go all the way towards HurleyVille NY if you wanted. There is some street riding but the streets are not usually busy unless its the summer months.

Bike Riding at Mountain Dale NY Rails to Trails with Family
This ride was on July 21st, 2018, it was for my moms Birthday which is the 20th. She did great for her first mountain bike ride in YEARS!!!!

Here are some pictures I found on my phone from that day. I would recommend the Mountain Dale Trails to Rails to anyone looking for a great time in the woods and spending time with family. You can rent bicycles right in the town at Cinder Biycles and after you can stop in some of the local restaurants in Mountain Dale NY to grab a bit. We highly recommend checking out “The Dale” pizzeria if it’s open when you are there.

After the bike ride, we had the craving for some sushi. There is a small place in Liberty NY that has some decent sushi, so we went out a small road trip to the spot to grab some sushi.

Sushi at Libery NY
Here is some videos I had saved on my iPhone from that day on the rails to trail from Mountain Dale NY to Woodridge NY, where we did 8 miles of bike riding.

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