First Time at Hudson Valley & Dutchess Rail Trail 40 Mile Mountain Bike Ride

My girl and I love to explore new trails. I prefer to go for the reallllly long rides, she isn’t so excited about it at first but at the end of the day she is all smiles and pain but good pain!

This ride was on August 25th, 2019, it was a beautiful summer day. Whenever we go hiking or biking I always like to get up super early to get there super early, I just feel like its the best way to start any hike or bike. My girlfriend isn’t such a fan of getting up early but the hardest part is to get out of the house, the rest is easy.

At the end of the mountain bike ride we completed just over 40 miles going in and back out, there wasn’t a loop method or I’m sure there was but our legs couldn’t handle extra miles on this day!

I don’t have many pictures saved from this ride, the downside of having a iphone with 250GB of space and being at 230GB used space, you start hoarding pictures and then have to start deleting stuff.

The picture below shows the starting point of our bicycle ride.

At this point I think we are going into a different rail trail, the walkway of Hudson Valley was amazing surprise, I didn’t really look into the trail much before going there, I just saw it goes for miles and miles of rail trails and that is what I love. So when we go to the Walkway over the Hudson Valley that was a pleasant surprise. On the way back we stopped to grab a pretzel and some popcorn for the rest of the long miles back to the car!

On the way back home, this I think was on the Dutchess Rail Trail but I’m not 100% sure.

One of my favorite type of trails to ride on are the Rails to Trails, they are old abonded rail road tracks that have been turned into hiking and bike routes. These can go for miles and miles with no cars to get in the way. We have done many Rails to Trails rides in the Hudson Valley, Sullivan County, Dutchess County, and many others. Checkout our other posts for all the ride we have completed and join us on our adventures.

Below is a link to our Strava profile, if you would like to follow along on our hikes, check us out.

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