Visiting Witch's Hole Waterfall after Rainfall

Visiting Witch’s Hole Waterfall after Rainfall

If you want to check out Witch’s Hole waterfall, you need to make sure the weather conditions are just right. Too much rain and it can be a challenge to get to the waterfall. Not enough rain and you’ll enjoy a low, barely-visible waterfall. To us it was still magical but if you’re driving up for hours just to do this waterfall, it might be disappointing to not see one.

Last time when we visited Witch’s Hole waterfall it was a humid and hot day. This time it was a much cooler hike with sunshine on our way back. The first time we went on this hike we drove around looking for parking but this time we knew what we needed to do. After walking through the tall grass and going left towards the old road, you’ll see the small bridge. This time we went over it and followed the path up. This turned out to be a harder route with some slippery rocks in between. If we do it again with other people, I would follow the path up and wouldn’t cross over the bridge. (You’ll do this on your way down.) It was a nice challenge and I wouldn’t mind doing it again during a different season.

Once we got to the waterfall there came the issue of how to cross over. The water was gushing down the stream which posed a challenge but we managed to get across. As we stood in front of the waterfall, the mist and breeze felt unreal. This massive waterfall was breathtaking and the cool mist touching your skin makes you feel alive. It’s amazing how in the middle of the woods this magical waterfall flows, many not knowing it even exists.

After taking some pictures and just staring at the waterfall in full bliss, someone said they were going in. I was ready to jump in but taking off those tight leggings was a ‘no for me dawg’. After his quick and brisk swim he put his clothes back on and back on the trail we went. I can’t wait to go again and stand mesmerized in front of the Witch’s Hole waterfall.

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