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Hiking Fish Hatchery Trail from Cold Spring Road

While driving through Forestburgh we noticed a new NYSDEC sign for Fish Hatchery Trail from Cold Spring Road. We came home, got ready and went back to check out the trail. It was 25 minutes after eleven when we started walking and the sky was grey.

The Fish Hatchery trail starts behind the kiosk and has red trail markers. We were pleasantly surprised that the trail starts off on a road. The road is wide and pretty maintained, since there are private properties on the lot. Some sections of the trail had large water puddles while others were slippery and had a sheet of ice. Once we were half a mile in, we came to a little water runoff and a foot bridge that goes over it.

The trail after this section gets better with each step, with water views on both sides. On the left of us was a marsh with ducks in it, which we sadly scared off with our presence. The right had a number of fish hatcheries or what I think they are. Were they raising fish here for the community? I would love to find more history on this area and for how long it was in use. As you go further down into the trail, there is a lake, which I assume was used for fishing or perhaps storing of the fish? The water at the lake appears like the blue lagoon and very inviting. The whole scene was picturesque.

About two and half miles in we were at our destination, at Neversink River. If it was summer and we had our gear we would have crossed over to check out High Falls. After taking a little break and eating our snacks we headed back up. At the intersection is a sign; red trail for Hatchery Road and blue trail for Eden Trail. We will be going back here again to explore the Eden trail and loop around to Mullet Brook Falls. It’s amazing to know that 2.5 mile hike from Forestburgh leads you to Rock Hill.

We’ve been meaning to explore the trail for Forestburgh to the river for the longest time and on our 16 year anniversary it finally happened. We were not disappointed by the views and the serene walk. The trail was very easy but is a slow decline to the water. You realize that you’re going up once you’re at the Neversink River and look up at the hill you have to walk up. I would rate Fish Hatchery trail easy and family friendly. You can take your kids and dogs on a nice stroll through the wide road to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

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