Exploring Witch’s Hole Waterfall

Last time we were in Ellenville NY we were looking for this secret “Witch’s Hole Waterfall” which we did not find. Today, we finally found it, thanks to previous hikers. If you wish to see this waterfall, wear long pants, proper shoes and follow the mostly unmarked trail.

Witch’s Hole Falls

Once we got here and looked at the overgrown grass and brushes, we were hesitant to start. While walking through the thick grass we kept asking each other if we should turn back around, while still walking on, of course.

Just a short distance in, the trail gets a bit better and you’re on the old carriage road. About half a mile in, there was a little bridge to the right that crossed over the water. We didn’t go over it but decided we would make a loop and come down that way instead. We stuck to the left side and followed the path further up. A little over an hour into our hike we reached the Vulture Head Ledge, which is the top of the cliff. The view was beautiful and we took a nice long break here. The trail here looks like a dear path, being very narrow and surrounded by huckleberry bushes. After our long break and sun basking session, we continued on the trail to the Witch’s Hole waterfall.

Things to Know

Once we found our way to the waterfall, we were amazed. I felt like I was somewhere in the jungle, looking up at an Amazonian waterfall. While there was very little water gushing down the falls, it was still beautiful and magical. I couldn’t stop looking up at it with glistening eyes. Some things to note for this trail:

  • Trail is seasonal/may be closed when you come due to weather
  • It’s a bushy trail and people have seen rattlesnakes
  • A lot of bushwhacking in between the trail
  • There is a lot of bear scat along the trail (and I pointed at every single one)
  • Mostly unmarked trail until you get to the cliff
  • If there is a lot of water, you won’t be able to cross over to see the waterfall

I absolutely loved this trail and waterfall. While a little scary, I can’t wait to go again in the fall and see the Witch’s Hole waterfall after a more rainy period.

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Exploring Witch’s Hole Waterfall

Last time we were in Ellenville NY we were looking for this secret “Witch’s Hole Waterfall” which we did not find. Today, we finally found

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