Skinner Falls Delaware River Tubing Adventures

Skinner’s Falls Delaware River Tubing

We finally went tubing at Skinner’s Falls beach and we loved it! It has been on our list for a while and yesterday was the day we made it happen. We had the whole summer to explore and enjoy the water but never got around to doing anything until recently. I’m glad we finally went to Skinner’s Falls and did some Delaware river tubing.

Tubing at Delaware

If you want a relaxing day at the beach, in upstate or rural areas, you’ll find it at the river or lakes. Skinner’s Falls is located in Cochecton, New York, close to Narrowsburgh. On one side you have New York and across the bridge you’re in Pennsylvania. Well, technically, most of the water is on Pennsylvania’s side but Skinner’s Falls Rocky Beach is on the NY side.

Once we got to the parking lot we were surprised that there were so many cars. A lot of people were waiting by the Lander’s River Trip for their tubes and rafts. You can also rent a tube at Lou’s Tubes for six dollars if you don’t have your own. We brought our own. There are also life vests for kids at the entrance by the Ranger’s office. If you don’t have your own, or forgot them at home, you can borrow the vests. Please make sure to wear your vests while on the river. The water depth can change swiftly and the rapids come before you know it.

Going down the river in our tubes was fun! If you’ve never gone tubing before, do it! The rapids at Skinner’s Falls are large but don’t last too long and you will most likely have some by-standards watching you scream. Once the rapids finish, paddle your way to the Skinner’s Falls Rocky Beach, walk the path again, get in the water and hand paddle towards the rapids again. Down you go and repeat, or you can relax on the “rocky beach” to tan and swim.

If you’re ever in the area or are looking for a new swimming spot, check out Skinner’s Falls tubing in Cochecton NY. You can even fish and camp here as well.

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