Essential Biking Gear

Essential Biking Gear

Over the years we’ve done a lot of miles on our bikes with our various biking gear. From local bike rides to driving over an hour to a new location and exploring the new trails. Along the way we’ve learned what we use and need in order to make our bike rides successful. Whether you are doing 25 mile bike ride or a 7 miles bike ride, these items will be utilized and are essential for your backpack.

Essential Biking Gear

Water bottle holder for bike– Riding a bike is a great form of exercise and will make you sweat. You need to stay hydrated in order to keep your muscles “oiled” up and prevent muscle cramps. A water bottle holder for bikes easily attaches to your bicycle and makes it convenient for accessing it.

Bicycle Storage Bag Whether you are doing a long or a short bike ride, you need some gear with your, just in case. Carrying stuff in your pockets is impractical. A bicycle storage bag can hold your extra bike tubes, portable tire pump, band aid and snacks. If you want to be backpack free look for a larger bag that can be strapped to the back of your bicycle. We have a triangle-shaped bike bag and it holds plenty of our heavy tools that we don’t want to lug around in a backpack.

Bicycle Phone Mount– If you’re like us and love to track your miles, then you want to have a phone mount. This is easy to attach and will keep your phone secure. I have a phone mount bag which I love. It holds my phone as well as my candy, which I need to keep me going.

Icy Hot– If you are just beginning to ride or plan on doing a giant bike ride, bring some icy-hot. It has helped me numerous of times get through the long bike rides. The product numbs the calves and gives me the extra push to keep going. It especially feels good on those scorching days.  

Bicycle Bell– I know this might seem silly but a lot of trails we go on are busy or have plenty of walkers and runners. You need to warn them by saying “to your left/right” but if you’re soft spoken like I am, this won’t help. A bell is something they can actually hear and you can warn the pedestrians in advance. I also use it to warn the chipmunks that I’m coming and they need to go back. They don’t listen as well but it helps.

Bicycle Air Pump– If you are riding in the trails and hitting a lot of rocks, more times than others, you’ll get a flat. I’ve had times where I needed to change the tubes twice because of the bumpy trails.

Extra Bike Tubes– We have at least 4 tubes available at all times when we go biking. Two for each of our bikes. You don’t have to carry that many as well. But if you know that the trails are hard and bumpy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be sure to have your bike changing tool in your storage bag for a speedy change.

Backpack– If you plan on biking for a whole day, you need a lot of water. A backpack is idea for holding your extra water bottles and food. Don’t rely on stores to be open or available on all of your trails so be prepared.

These are just some of the basic essential biking gear and accessories you’ll need for your next ride.

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