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Hiking Mossy Glen Trail to Peter’s Kill Falls

For Trails Day we went to Stony Kill Falls and then to Minnewaska Park to hike Mossy Glen trail to Peter’s Kill falls. At Minnewaska State Park, we took the Mossy Glen trail from the parking lot. On this particular Saturday, the parking lot was filling by the minute. There were people in all directions, but mainly going towards the Awosting Falls. Okay, full disclosure, this place is always packed on the weekends, so be sure to get here early. Otherwise, you might get turned around.

Yellow Trailblazer for Mossy Glen Trail

After spraying ourselves with bug spray, we headed out to the Mossy Glen trail. This is a 1.7 miles long trail with a yellow trailblazer. The trail is narrow but beautiful. If you feel claustrophobic, jump back on the Lower Awosting carriage road, which runs next to it. Once you get to the water, you’ll go over the wooden footbridge. We decided to take a short snack break here by the water before continuing on the trail.

After our break, we continue the trail, which runs by the water. The water looks so clean and inviting, but swimming is not permitted here. Please be respectful of the park rules.

The trail continues along the water and goes in and out of the woods. At the end of the trail, you will cross another wooden footbridge. Then you will walk up the path and have the option to walk the Lower Awosting trail or cross the road into the Blueberry Run trail. We continued on the LA carriage road, back to our car.

While the parking lot was full, the trail still felt secluded. You can see people here and there, but most hikers are at the waterfalls or the beach. So if you’re worried about being surrounded by a large crowd, don’t be. There are plenty of trails for everything you want to do, whether that is to hike, walk, or enjoy a nice bike ride. If you’re looking for an easy trail that follows Peter’s Kill falls, Mossy Glen Trail is a perfect choice.

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  1. This is a very interesting article! I love hiking a long trail. I like that there are plenty of trails to choose from to do different activities! This reminds me of when I went to Science camp for like two weeks. It was a lot of fun! I’ll never go again though. There were too many bugs.

  2. Great article! Have not been hiking since I was a kid at camp! I think it’s time to start up again!

  3. I like the bridge in the picture, it looks very cool. You guys get to some very nice places.

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