Wallkill Valley Land Trust History

Wallkill Valley Land Trust History

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A lot of us walk and bike on various trails not realizing that it takes a lot of people, time and effort to make these trails happen. Not only are there people responsible for creating trails but there are those that help preserve land. The Wallkill Valley Land Trust was created for this purpose, to help save land for the future generations. In 1987 the residents of Wallkill Valley came together and formed the land trust. Their goal was to help people keep and preserve their land as well as ensure that public land stays public.

The Wallkill Valley rail trail is over 22 miles long and goes from Gardiner to Kingston, New York. This trail would not be possible without the help and efforts of Wallkill Valley Land Trust. In 1991 they purchased the 12 mile trail between Gardiner and New Paltz. This helped them preserve the trail for public use. It also led to the restoration of the Rosendale Trestle. In 2013 the public was able to walk and bike over the restored trestle, once again. If you haven’t visited the trestle yet, what are you waiting for?

wallkill valley land trust history

The Wallkill Valley Land Trust has been helping preserve and maintain the old railroad trail and private land since the early 90s. They still monitor the rail trail sections, the trestle and Joppenbergh Mountain. If you’re ever in the area, come walk, hike, run, bike, ski or horseback ride the amazing trails! We still have to go to the almost 500 foot mountain and enjoy the views from there. We’ve biked this trail a few times and walked it once but we always end up seeing something new or different when we go. If you’re not in the area you can help by donating to the trust so they can continue their incredible work.

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Wallkill Valley Rail Trail
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