Long Path Trail Section 11

Hiking Long Path Section 11

Hiking Long Path section 11 was beautiful and easy. Section 11 starts on Mountain Road parking lot where section 10 ended. Once we walked into the woods we knew where we were. Well, someone did, I didn’t until I saw the rock and lake where we ate leftover pizza on a previous hike.

Overview of Long Path Trail Section 11

Long Path section 11 was pretty easy and in the woods. While we saw footprints and dog prints, we didn’t encounter any other hikers. We also noticed a lot of fox and coyote tracks that liked to follow the Long Path trail as well.

On this particular day, it was extra cold and windy and I did not layer properly. I threw on my green cardigan over the polyester sweater that I had to help shield the part of the arms that were not covered. I was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and a 3/4 sleeve shirt over it. Even though I had more layers in my backpack, I just continued on as I was.

By the time we went through the Huckleberry Ridge Forest and started walking by the train trail, a Ranger came behind us. He wanted to make sure we know the new number for help and that we were prepared for the hike. He could have also thought “Who the hell are these crazy people hiking in the cold on a Thursday?”

During the summer this section before the power lines (or after, depending which way you go) was horrible. The rocks they have for the path here are large and awkward to walk on. The snow that covered them made it easier to walk on.

After the power lines, you do a little walking across the street into Gobbler’s Knob State Forest, which you can’t find any details about. It’s still on the map, so I’m calling it that. In the summer we had a fun time trying to look for the trail marks in the dark. Let’s just say it can get frustrating and scary without proper light. After that, you cross the road into Basha Kill and finish the trail at the lot across the Bashakill Winery Vineyards.

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