Taking Luna to Mongaup Falls

Taking Luna to Mongaup Falls

Since we discovered Mongaup Falls we have gone there a few times already. We even took family and friends here to show them the falls. First, this place is not for everyone and I learned my lesson the hard way. When you’ve been hiking or walking long distances for so many years, you don’t realize that what you see as nothing is something scary to someone else. The Mongaup Falls is a perfect example of where not to go if you don’t like rocky formations/steps. In order to see the waterfall you would need to walk down the rocky pathway and climb your way back up. You also need to be careful where you step since the rocks can be wet and slippery.

Taking Luna for a Swim

Yesterday was raining cats and dogs, naturally, making it perfect for a gushing waterfall. After checking up on the Airbnbs we drove the short distance to the falls. We put on our cheap ponchos and walked towards the Mongaup falls. I took my time since everything was wet and slippery. Nihad flew threw it, as always. He waited for Luna at the bottom while I let her go down the waterfall. This was Luna’s first big adventure after riding the Hawk250.

After Luna swam in the water and had her photoshoot, we headed back to the car. Soaked in some places. My rain boots had a small leak on the bottom so I had a nice wet sock. The sleeves of my jacket around the wrists were also dripping with water. We will definitely be investing in some better rain gear for the future rainy hikes.

While we did not do any real hiking, it’s always a good reminder to not hike in jeans. Jeans are uncomfortable, thick and when wet, make you miserable. When hiking in the rain be sure to have the proper gear such as a waterproof windbreaker and waterproof boots. Or at least make sure that your shoes don’t have any leaks and holes. We both have plenty of options but just didn’t put them on.

Anyway, if you are ever in the area, be sure to check out Mongaup Falls. Your car will have an interesting and bumpy ride, but it’s a hidden gem. I feel like it’s the perfect spot for a wedding. It’s a great way to test your guests and make them remember this event. I’m not sure if you can use this site to get married, but why not? It only takes a few minutes to say your vows. Or perhaps, it’s just a perfect spot for your engagement photos? Also, across the waterfall is the reservoir where you can fish and walk through the woods.

taking luna to mongaup falls

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  1. I’ve been hiking once with a group of friends years ago but we never saw a waterfall. I think its such a beautiful scenery.. . plus it’s great to get some fresh air! Does wonders 😄

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