Hiking Roosa Gap In the Snow

When you wake up on an April morning and find three inches of snow outside your home, you can go back to sleep or go hiking. We chose to go hiking at Roosa Gap and bring our garbage bucket. Well, the bucket stayed empty since if there was any trash, it was buried under the snow. We will need to go back to this trail soon and see what we actually missed and what we find.

Roosa Gap Sign
Roosa Gap State Forest

What you will see?

Roosa Gap has a 35′ watch tower which everyone loves to climb and take photos from. Because of the Covid-19 the fence has been removed and the tower is closed for now. We did not climb it this time but when we do, you see incredible 360 views. You can see:

  • Different towns
  • Hills/mountains
  • 209 Road
  • Wurtsboro Airport

On the nature side, you will see birds, chipmunks, hawks, eagles, porcupines, and deer if you’re lucky enough to spot one. (Please note that the pictures added from the tower are from previous times that we went.) Most of the time, you’ll see a lot of scat left from various wildlife. This area is also popular for the dwarf pines (pitch pines, Pinus rigida). This is Sullivan County so you might see a black bear, coyote and bobcat too. We never have but we see black bears in our yard.

Hiking backpack
A little color among the white snow

Hiking in the Snow

We are true amateur hikers. Hiking is something we love to do because we love and appreciate nature but as far as proper gear goes, we are horrible. When you’re hiking in the snow you need to have proper footwear or at least ice cleats. One thing I do recommend is good wool socks, which we have. (Thank you, mother-in-law!) You don’t need three different hoodies piled on but you should dress appropriately for the weather.

Anyway, we do love to hike in the snow but you won’t see much of a view. Since you’re so high up in the mountains, the snow and fog makes it impossible to see anything but your trail and a surrounding cloud or white. It’s still beautiful and peaceful but it can be dangerous if you’re not properly prepared. Don’t be us, be better. =D

Roosa Gap Watch Tower
Roosa Gap Watch Tower is closed

Leave no Trace

Due to the snow, we were unable to see or pick up trash at Roosa Gap state forest. Our bucket stayed empty with the exception of melting snow. Please, if you see a bottle, can or any liter, try to take it and dispose of it properly. We want to protect our trails and wildlife from ignorant hikers who don’t respect and appreciate them.

Leave no trace on the trails
Leave no track
Roosa Gap sunset
Views from Roosa Gap Watch Tower in the summer
Sunset at Roosa Gap
Sunset in Roosa Gap in the summer
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