Hiking SRT trail to Rainbow Falls with Luna

Hiking SRT trail to Rainbow Falls with Luna

hiking srt trail to rainbow falls with luna 2

We had ten more miles to go to complete our 101 miles challenge for NYNJTC. Yesterday we grabbed Luna the dolphin, strapped her on my backpack and we went for a hike to see the Rainbow falls. We parked our car on the free parking on the main st 44 highway. This parking area opens at 9am and closes at six. We came just in time, grabbed everything and started walking. I was on autopilot and walked passed the SRT trail sign that was on the left, right before the pile of large rocks. After crossing the stream and realizing we were heading the wrong way, we traced back our steps.

Back on the SRT

Once on the SRT trail we were back on track. It’s been a while since we were on the SRT and this is the small section we never completed. We’re glad we were able to finally complete it and talked about doing the whole SRT trail again soon.

Unlike the other route, there was no scary one mile uphill. There were some small hills and wet rocks but the trail was gorgeous. In some sections red bushes and evergreens overtook the area and it looked like Christmas lives here. Not too long into our hike we stopped on number 4 waterfall that’s on the Minnewaska State Part Preserve map. Luna played in the water a bit while I munched on my snacks. After our long break here we continued on the Jenny Lane trail.

You’ll follow the Jenny Lane trail for a while until you get to Rainbow falls. Every time we hiked this trail the falls would either be completely dry or frozen solid. It was a nice surprise to see it gushing with water and wetting us with its mist.

Shortly after the Rainbow falls, you’re back on the carriage road. We followed it for a while to the Awosking lake. We went around the entire lake and back to the trail. The path around the lake was pretty good but some sections were flooded.

After finishing the circle around the lake we went back on the carriage road for a bit, passed the trail we came out off and continued heading back on Lower Awosting path. We jumped on the Mossy Glen train next to it back to the parking lot. We crossed the street and followed the path down to our car. Overall, Luna had a great time visiting Rainbow falls, not to be confused with Mount Beacon waterfall.

YouTube Videos Hiking Rainbow Falls with Luna

Second Video with Pictures

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