LP Section 8

Hiking Long Path Section 8

Hiking Long Path Section 8 was a ‘spur-of-the-moment’ kind of hike. We started the hike later in the day and did not bring a lot of snacks. To save some time, we parked at our last spot, walked down the road and started our journey. The path starts by the train rail but quickly goes away from it. While section eight is only supposed to be 6 miles, it said 9.2 miles for us. We completed the section with small water breaks and ate our snacks as we walked.

Section 8 Long Path Path

The more you walk, the steeper you will go and before you know it, you’re only 2 miles into the trail. The Shunnemunk Mountain was not a joke, at least to get to the high point. By the end of mile three, the trail gets easier. As for the views, they are beautiful, scenic and feel endless. A little after mile three we met another hiker on the trail. He said he saw us from the other side, we laughed, and went our separate ways. The entire time when a view point opened, we tried to look for him or our spot but couldn’t see anything. He must have had some good binoculars.

If you are hiking up here in the winter or fall, make sure to protect your ears and head. It is windy! I did not layer enough and wasn’t sure if I was cold or not. By mile four I decided to put on some extra layers, both were Nihad’s and both were XL in size. I didn’t care because I was warm and happy.  Once we came out to the street my happiness disappeared. There were piles of trash by the road which makes my stomach churn in knots. I don’t get how people can do that! It’s not like you don’t have the money because clearly you had the time and money to throw away the old and get something new to replace it. Arg! Moving on…

The street walking isn’t too bad, besides having to look at the garbage, and it goes back into the woods. Once in the woods, you can breathe again, pass by an old stone structure, and continue the path. The trail loops around the Orange Rockland Lakes and goes left on Museum Village Rd S. You cross the bridge and make another left into the parking lot, that leads to Heritage trail. This is where Long Path section 8 ends and section nine begins.

Long Path Trail Section 8 Hiking Pictures

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