Hiking Long Path Section 14 Into 15

Hiking Long Path Section 14 Into 15

Long Path Section 14 is done. We started the journey by jumping out of bed, having coffee and toast and feeding the cats. We parked at Mt Meenagha Rd and South Gully Road by South Gully entrance. After finishing the hill again and reaching Sam’s Point this is where the section starts from. I was cranky, hungry and cold but after some gummy bears and Snickers I was back to myself. It’s crazy what hunger does to you and I was very disappointed in myself for not making an egg and cheese sandwich in the morning. But we did rush out of the house so there is that.

Once we got to the top of Sam’s Point view we took a few pictures and continued the trail. We hiked this path to the VerKeerderkill Falls waterfall and loop a few times and with friends. Instead of making the right turn towards the waterfall to continue the Long Path we continued straight because someone didn’t look at the map. Once we got to the carriage road we realized we made a mistake and had to turn back around. You live and learn, right?

This part of the section is beautiful with dwarf pines and the scenery is breathtaking. The path is narrow but it looks like they are cleaning it up and expanding it in some sections. After getting to the waterfall and taking some pictures you get a little workout climbing a decent size hill. Then a short while after that you’re on the red trail climbing rocks. The views are great but some sections were icy and slippery but Trail Buddy and Nihad got us through it. After High Point and those gorgeous Catskill mountains views you follow the remaining red trail into blue trail. This was a new section for us because usually we jump on the carriage road and go back to Sam’s Point parking lot.

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Hiking into Section 15

The blue trail is narrow and serine and eventually goes down to Smiley Carriage road. You take a left and then a right Mine Hole Footback for 3 miles to the end of the section at Berme Rd. When we were walking down this section we looked for an Uber and it said $8 to our car. We got excited because the other option was to walk the 3 miles back up (steady incline) and then take the carriage road back to the car. We were sitting on a rock eating some snacks when a biker zoomed by! This guy was insane and you would never, ever see me do this. The path is dangerous, full of sharp rocks, and dangerous turns but I’m glad to tell you that he made it. I followed the tire tracks to the end.

Once we finished the section we looked for an Uber but there was nothing. So, we started walking Long Path section 15 toward 209. The old train track path is not long and finishes into a person’s front yard. The beautiful green bridge was closed for traffic but they had plates for walking on one side and we walked it. At the Post Office we looked for an Uber but nothing showed up. So, we turned our Strava on again and started walking towards Walmart. After two miles of walking we finally got a Lyft and waited 20 minutes at the Mobil gas station by Ellenville. It still beat walking up that crazy hill and was a $14 ride (with a $5 tip because I was so grateful). We completed Long Path Section 14 and started section 15 up to the Post Office. We’re almost half way through and the exciting Catskill Mountains are a section away!

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