did you hike devil's path

Did you hike the Devil’s Path?

Have you ever hiked the Devil’s Path? This is a roughly 24 mile hike from east to west of the trail that we want to complete this year. According to AllTrails, it takes about 15 hours to complete. The starting point is up to you. You can begin or end at Prediger Road Trailhead to Spruceton, off Route 6. Since they are about the same driving distance, I don’t believe it wouldn’t matter which way we started from.

While we have not hiked the Devil’s Path from start to finish, we have completed around six miles of the trail or so. We parked our car at Devil’s Tombstone Campground at least three times now. The first time, we completed the trail from the campground to Hunter Mountain. Then we followed the Becker Hollow Trail to route 214 and walked the road back to our car. The second time we hiked just to Hunter Mountain and back to our car. And the third time, we hiked from the campground to Plateau Mountain. This was a very challenging but rewarding hike. The first mile was the hardest with some ups and downs along the way. I’m assuming the trail continues this way throughout the trail and what people complain about.

After reading the reviews, I think the best thing for us to do is complete the Devil’s Path trail in two parts/two days. If it’s going to take over 14 hours to complete, we will need a lot of water, snacks and breaks. While we have done a 26 mile hike twice, it wasn’t challenging. There were no peaks or a lot of challenging ups and downs.

Have you hiked the Devil’s Path yet? How long did it take you? Did you do the hike in two days or straight through? Let us know in the comments below.

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