Hiking to See the Solar Eclipse 2021

June 10th was the first solar eclipse of 2021. We got up late, five in the morning, jumped out of bed, got dressed and left the house. Our plan was to go to Roosa Gap fire tower and watch the eclipse but once we got there we were shocked. The parking lot was full and […]

Nibbles hiking for National Trails Day

National Trails Day was on June 5th, where people go exploring their local trails. National Trails Day is the first Saturday in June, each year. We did not get to go hiking on our local trails on this day but we got to go yesterday. Our shark, winning name Nibbles, got to enjoy the trail […]

Maka Earth Soothing CBD Body Oil Giveaway

CBD Products Giveaway

Maka Earth Soothing CBD Body Oil Giveaway We secured a discount code on all Maka Earth Products. Please enter HBT10 at checkout on their website for a 10% off anytime on their products! Please comment below under “Facebook Comments” if you have tried Maka Earth or made a recent purchase. Maka Earth Soothing CBD Body […]

Adventure Shark at Buttermilk Falls

After a few days of rain, the sunshine finally came back and the shark was ready to play. We took the shark on a quick car ride to one of the waterfalls. Have you ever seen a shark at Buttermilk Falls in Spring Glen before? Now you have! Let’s just say the shark did some […]

Shark R&R before Shark Week 2021

Shark R&R before Shark Week 2021

Shark Week 2021 starts July 11th and we’re getting excited! We got an inflatable shark from a friend who has a shark website and wants to bring some more awareness for the event. So, we grabbed the 7 foot inflatable shark and took it on a hike. I think that all sharks need a little […]

Blue Blaze Coffee

Blue Blaze Coffee

Quick shout-out blog post to a fellow hiker who started her own Blue Blaze Coffee brand! We felt extremely lucky to be one of the first people to try this amazing and pretty local coffee tea bag brand! I love coffee and have been drinking it since I was seven. Shh, don’t tell my mom! […]

MAKA Earth Healing Salve

CBD Products

Maka Earth Healing Salve could not have come at a better time! After two days of physical hard work, our bodies were exhausted! Every muscle in the body was sore; back, shoulders, neck, the knees, oh, these poor knees! After taking a shower we couldn’t wait to try Maka Healing Salve. We sat down and […]