It wasn’t too long ago when Sullivan Catskills was the place where the city folks vacationed. Every town was filled with hotels, bungalows, plenty of food and drinks and numerous activities. In Monticello New York, you had the Concord Resort with 500 beds and a large entertainment venue that fit 1,500 guests. If you watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel, you heard the name Concord in Season 2, episode five. This was the place where the big comedians and entertainers performed such as Tony Bennett, Tony Martin and even Barbara Streisand, just to name a few. Today, the area where the Concord Resort once stood is an empty sad sight. So what happened to Sullivan County that changed its history? A bunch of stuff and politics, of course!

End of Sullivan County

In 1886 part of O&W railroad opened and by 1913 it was part of New York’s central railroad. You can hop on and come to the Catskills. The ride was magical through the woods with beautiful scenery in every direction. If you go on any of the O&W rail trails, you know this is true. If only we could somehow turn back time and jump on the train once.

Along the way, next to the train was the D&H canal. The Delaware and Hudson Canal ran from 1828 until 1899, carrying coal and lumber to the city. So thanks to the D&H canal, people in the city got their coal to heat up and power their homes and buildings. So if things were going so great, what happened? Bigger and better things were introduced, shutting down the D&H canal. It was still used to transfer cement for a while but eventually fully closed in 1904.

The railroads took over until, they too, became inadequate. Airplanes became popular by the end of 1950s and people were off traveling around the world. They no longer vacationed upstate but in tropical and new places around the globe. Some politics went into this as well, but we won’t get into that. This isn’t that kind of website.

Reincarnation of Sullivan Catskills

While Sullivan County airbnb is not the same as it used to be, it’s getting back to its roots. New businesses are opening left and right, bungalows are being rebuilt and rented out. People are coming up with creative ways to showcase this county to New Yorkers as well to those that love history and original charm. If you’re looking for unique and secluded places to stay, the choices are endless! From homes in the middle of the forest to churches that have been fully transformed, to lakefront homes, the variety is immense. If you are looking to stay in Sullivan County, take a look at these choices:

Phillipsport Church House – This was originally a church, dating back to 1823. It has been fully remodeled into a 5 bedroom, 2 baths home. The home is close to the D&H canal and O&W rail trail.

Private Waterfront home in 50 Acres of Woodland– If you are looking for a beautiful place that’s secluded from neighbors and is a true oasis, this is it. The house sits on 50 private acres and has everything you need to enjoy your stay. Enjoy the views of the private lake, walk the grounds and best of all take your pet with you! This is a pet friendly home, which means you don’t have to leave your cats at home. In the summer you can also walk to the Forestburg Playhouse.

These are just two of the many wonderful Sullivan County airbnb places you can stay in to get away from the hectic city life.